Masks and Things

Masks and Things by Connie Trapp

Welcome and thank you for visiting my new website! I am an Oregon artist, wife, mother and grandmother. I have been making masks for the last 11 years with my sister-in-law, master mask maker Diane Trapp.

All my masks are my original designs. Each mask is a one of a kind. Because each mask is hand made, no two are exactly alike. I start with a sketch of an idea, and then I sculpt a positive sculpture over a plaster head. After I finish the sculpture of a mask, I make a negative plaster mold. Next, I lay paper mache' into the mold. When it dries, I pull the mask out of the mold, cut the shape and seal the paper from moisture. Then the fun begins. I choose the fabric and cover the mask, add beads, glitter, rhinestones and/or feathers. To finish the mask, I line the back with a soft fabric for our famous koosh.

I have traveled to New Orleans to sell my masks at the Mardi Gras Mask Market for the last 13 years. My masks have been displayed in the Hillsboro Argus, seen in the Oregonian, shown in the Mardi Gras Guide and featured in numerous society pages. My masks have been worn by the Portland Trailblazers dancers and also seen on the OPB show "Art Beat." My creations have popped up in beauty pageants, black-tie fundraisers, weddings, masquerade balls and many Halloween parties all over the country and Puerto Rico.

I am looking forward to working with you to make your Halloween, Mardi Gras or special occasion the best ever!